John Cena Birthday Cake

by megan on January 21, 2011

I am definitely not an expert cake maker or decorator, but I sure do enjoy making them and seeing people’s reactions when they see them for the first time. I made this cake for Tyler, who is a big WWE Raw fan. He requested a John Cena cake and has already requested a Randy Orton cake for next year. I used and edible image for the top and black and red fondant to make stars for the sides of the cake. The cake was a triple chocolate fudge layer cake with a fudge frosting filling. The kids at the party enjoyed the cake. The birthday boy ate 3 pieces! One of the kids at the party saw the cake and said, “Man…that’s a fat cake!” He later told his mom that it was like a cake inside a cake. I guess he was impressed :)

I have been getting many more requests for cakes, and I have decided that I really want to learn more and develop some higher level cake making and decorating skills. I also decided that I might want to invest in a printer system to make my own edible pictures.

I would love to have one of these cake image printers so I can create my own images and not have to order the images and worry that they won’t arrive on time. I might even start a little side business creating edible images! Lots of possibilities and ideas swimming around in my head :)

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