Fun with Skittles Cupcakes

by megan on June 1, 2012

My friend Sally called with a request for her daughter’s birthday! It was a last minute request, so she told me to just throw something together. She told me that her daughter loved the color pink, and that she was a big fan of all types of candy, but Skittles were her favorite. Given those two elements, I decided to make Skittles Flower Cupcakes! I have to admit that I might have eaten “a couple” Skittles while making these. I made 3 dozen cupcakes using Original Skittles and Blenders Skittles. Out of all 36 cupcakes, I don’t think there was one flower that was duplicated. There were that many color combination possibilities. These cupcakes were fun to make and would be tons of fun to make with your kids!

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